Kingdom o Fife Tartan Army


Membership Rules



1.         Membership: There shall be no initial joining fee. A monthly subscription of 5, or as agreed at the AGM, is payable by direct debit or as a one-off annual payment.


There is no charge for junior members who are junior members of the Scotland Supporters Club.


Associate Membership: An Associate Member shall be deemed as a member resident out with Fife and membership must be applied for in the usual way.   There will be an Annual fee of 20 or as agreed at an A.G.M.   


2.         It shall be the responsibility of all KoFTA members to apply for their own ticket.   


3.         All members traveling to home games must inform their Pub Representative, a member of the Committee or the Treasurer four weeks before the fixture, or as soon as possible after the Ticket applications have been received.   This will enable the Treasurer to assess the amount and size of buses required to be booked.  


It will also allow any empty seats to be allocated to any non-members wishing to travel to the game on a first come, first served basis at the agreed cost.   All such monies must be paid at least seven days prior to the game.


4.         Buses shall leave set pick up points at times to be arranged.


5.         It is against the Law to carry or consume alcohol on buses traveling to or   

            from a Designated Sporting Event. (Criminal Justice (Scotland) Act, 1980)    


            Therefore no alcohol shall be taken on buses booked by KoFTA.


            Any person found to be in breach of this rule may be removed from the bus and may be banned from traveling to future Scotland games on transport organized by KoFTA.


6.         Members are expected to refrain from swearing, and using foul or abusive language.


7.         Pub representatives will supply names for each away game and preferred

routes for members traveling to matches.


8.          All members must sign up for membership of SSC within 4 weeks of joining KoFTA.   Membership of KoFTA will be terminated if for any reason membership of SSC is terminated.  Members must contact the SSC themselves for membership application and renewal forms.


9.         Under 16s traveling with KoFTA must be accompanied at all times by an adult.


10.       Any member whose annual membership subscriptions are 3 months overdue may have their name removed from the membership roll.


11.       Any serious breach of the membership rules or the constitution shall result in the member losing their membership.


12.       Any resignation from the membership shall be reported at the next viable meeting after the committee has ascertained the reason for resignation.