Kingdom o’ Fife Tartan Army




1.            Name:   This branch of the Scotland Supporters Club shall be known as the “Kingdom o’ Fife Tartan Army” hereinafter known as KoFTA.


2.            Objective:    The objective of KoFTA shall be to support the Scotland National Football Team wherever in the world they are playing.


3.            Membership:   Membership shall be open to any individual, subject to approval by the Committee.   The approval will take into account previous conduct, and an acceptance of Scotland Supporters Club (SSC) membership.   KoFTA is against all forms of Discrimination.


4.            AGM:   The Annual General Meeting shall be held within the month of April.   The AGM               

will elect all Office Bearers.   The Committee will further comprise the members elected as the Pub Representatives by the constituent Pubs or Clubs.


5.            Meetings:    Meetings will be held on the 2nd Sunday of each month at 13.00hrs in the C.I.S.W.O. Club, Glenrothes or on a date, time and place as decided by the Chairman should the C.I.S.W.O. Club be unavailable.


6.            Sub Committee:   The Committee may appoint, from the membership, a sub committee to deal with specific matters should they arise.


7.            Membership Fees:   The membership shall decide the Annual Subscription at the AGM.   KoFTA is a non-profit making organisation, and the club funds will subsidise transport for members to all Home games and other periodic events at the discretion of the Committee.


8.            Finance:   The Financial Year will end 31st March every year.


9.            Expenditure:    Any two officials from Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary and another named     Committee Member must sign all cheques.   Specimen signatures of these officials must be lodged at the bank after the AGM if any changes have occurred in these positions.


10.          Auditor:   An Auditor shall be appointed to audit the accounts on an annual basis.


11.          Behaviour:   Any member deemed guilty of improper conduct shall be the subject of disciplinary action.   Anyone subsequently expelled or resigns from KoFTA shall have no claim to any subscriptions paid.   The decision of the membership is final.


12.          Disputes:   Any queries or disputes should be put in writing to the Secretary.   A Committee meeting shall be arranged to discuss the matter, prior to it being brought before a monthly meeting of the Club or, if necessary, the AGM for discussion and decision.


13.          Amendments:   The Committee shall be empowered to recommend alterations and/or additions to the Constitution and Membership Rules, which shall be discussed at the next Annual General Meeting.


14.          The Chairman together with any three other members of the Committee, or any seven members of KoFTA, on giving written notice to the Committee, through the Secretary, stating the special nature of business to be transacted, may call a Special General Meeting of KoFTA.


15.          If the existing membership falls below nine members, the club will be deemed not viable and all existing funds will be donated to a charity selected by the remaining membership.