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Scotland Draw for Euro 2012

 Fixtures and dates is 19th Feb in Madrid.

GROUP I UEFA Euro 2012 qualifiers match dates are as follows.

Friday 3rd September         Lithuania v Scotland

                                           Liechtenstein v Spain


Tuesday 7th September     Scotland v Liechtenstein

                                           Czech Republic v Lithuania

Friday 8th October              Czech Republic v Scotland

                                           Spain v Lithuania

Tuesday 12th October        Scotland v Spain      

                                           Liechtenstein v Czech Republic       



Friday 25th March              Spain v Czech Republic

Tuesday 29th March          Lithuania v Spain

                                          Czech Republic v Liechtenstein

Saturday 4th June             Liechtenstein v Lithuania

Tuesday 7th June              No games

Friday 2nd September       Lithuania v Liechtenstein

Saturday 3rd September   Scotland v Czech Republic

Tuesday 6th September    Spain v Liechtenstein

                                          Scotland v Lithuania

Friday 7th October            Czech Republic v Spain

Saturday 8th October        Liechtenstein v Scotland

Tuesday 11th October       Spain v Scotland         

                                          Lithuania v Czech Republic



Holders Spain will be among nine top seeds in the UEFA EURO 2012™ qualifying draw in Warsaw on 7 February 2010.
Draw procedure
Nine groups will be formed in the qualifying draw including six sections of six sides and three of five, as teams chase 14 finals places alongside co-hosts Poland and Ukraine. The seeding pots are formed on the basis of the UEFA national team coefficient ranking system, finalised after the completion of FIFA World Cup qualifying, with the reigning European champions automatically top seeded. All groups will contain one nation from the first five pots and six sections will also include a team from Pot 6.
Qualifying competition
Sides in each group will play one another on a home-and-away basis, with qualifiers scheduled according to the international match calendar between September 2010 and October 2011. The nine winners and the runner-up with the best record against the teams first, third, fourth and fifth in their group qualify directly for the final tournament. The eight remaining runners-up contest play-off matches in November 2011.
To read the official regulations, click here.
To view the full UEFA national team coefficient ranking, click here.
Seeding pots
Pot 1: Spain (holders), Germany, Netherlands, Italy, England, Croatia, Portugal, France, Russia
Pot 2: Greece, Czech Republic, Sweden, Switzerland, Serbia, Turkey, Denmark, Slovakia, Romania
Pot 3: Israel, Bulgaria, Finland, Norway, Republic of Ireland, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Austria, Bosnia-Herzegovina
Pot 4: Slovenia, Latvia, Hungary, Lithuania, Belarus, Belgium, Wales, FYR Macedonia, Cyprus
Pot 5: Montenegro, Albania, Estonia, Georgia, Moldova, Iceland, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Liechtenstein
Pot 6: Azerbaijan, Luxembourg, Malta, Faroe Islands, Andorra, San Marino
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3/3/10           International friendly date


18/8/10         International friendly date

4/9/10         Euro 2012  qualifying game

8/9/10        Euro 2012  qualifying game

9/10/10      Euro 2012  qualifying game

13/10/10    Euro 2012 qualifying game

17/11/10    International friendly date



9/2/11      International friendly date

26/3/11    Euro 2012 qualifying game

30/3/11   Euro 2012  qualifying game

4/6/11     Euro 2012 qualifying game

8/6/11     Euro 2012 qualifying game

17/8/11   International friendly date

3/9/11     Euro 2012 qualifying game

7/9/11    Euro 2012 qualifying game

8/10/11  Euro 2012 qualifying game

12/10/11  Euro 2012 qualifying game

12/11/11  Euro 2012 qualifying game  (play off)

16/11/11  euro 2012 qualifying game  (play off)



29/2/12    International friendly date

June-July   Euro 2012 Finals   Dates to be confirmed

22/8/12    International friendly date

8/9/12     WC 2014 qualifying game

12/9/12   WC 2014 qualifying game

13/10/12   WC 2014 qualifying game

17/10/12   WC 2014 qualifying game

14/11/12   International friendly date



6/2/13     International friendly date

23/3/13  WC 2014 qualifying game

27/3/13  WC 2014 qualifying game

8/6/12    WC 2014 qualifying game

12/6/13  WC 2014 qualifying game     

21/8/13   International friendly date

7/9/13  WC 2014 qualifying game

11/9/13  WC 2014 qualifying game

12/10/13  WC 2014 qualifying game

16/10./13  WC 2014 qualifying game

19/11/13  WC 2014 qualifying game  (play off)

20/11/13  WC 2014 qualifying game  (play off)



5/3/14       International friendly date

June-July    WC 2014 Finals   Dates to be confirmed

20/8/14   International friendly date

6/9/14     Euro 2016 qualifying game 

10/9/14   Euro 2016 qualifying game

11/10/14   Euro 2016 qualifying game

15/10/14  Euro 2016 qualifying game

19/11/14   International friendly game